Anhui Tiankang Medical Products Co., Ltd.

No. 20, South Renhe Road
239300 Tianchang, Anhui
China (Rep.)

Phone: +86 550 7308717
Fax: +86 550 7308901


Company Profile

About us
Anhui Tiankang Medical Products Co., Ltd. was established by Anhui Tiankang Group in 1998 on the basis of the former Tiankang Sanzhng Medical Products Co., Ltd.

Our company specializes in the production of an extensive range of single use items for the medical industry that includes, but is not limited to infusion sets, sterile syringes, intravenous needles, international style blood sample collection needles, transfusion sets, narcosis bags, operating coats and bags, respirators and caps, bed sheets and towels. The SANZHONG brand single use items that we produce have been awarded ISO9002, ENISO46002:1996 and CE certification. Additionally, they have also won numerous prizes at the National Medical Apparatus Exposition.

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