Ani Labsystems Ltd. Oy

Tiilitie 3
01720 Vantaa

Phone: +358 20 1557523
Fax: +358 20 1557521


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Marketing Manager – Ilari Tuominen Tel: +358 20 155 7520, Fax: +358 20 155 7521, GSM: +358 40 5186515

Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 2002
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

Ani Labsystems Ltd. Oy is a Finnish biotechnology company manufacturing diagnostic kits and reagents for use in clinical and research laboratories. As an established European company Ani Labsystems is committed to developing and manufacturing high quality EIA kits for various infectious diseases, neonatal screening and other disorders.

Ani Labsystems has long experience in developing EIA assays in microplate format: One of the world’s first EIA tests (Toxoplasma gondii IgG EIA) in microplate format (1982)
One of the world’s first HIV tests based on peptide technology (HIV-1+2 env. Peptide EIA) (1988)
World’s first fluorometric PKU test in microplate format (1990)
World’s first and only Toxoplasma gondii IgM test for neonatal screening (1995)
One of world’s first species-specific Chlamydia trachomatis EIAs (1997)
One of world’s first species-specific Chlamydia pneumoniae EIAs (1999)
One of the first EIA kits in EU with CE-mark (Mycoplasma pneumoniae EIAs)(2000)
World’s first and only EIA for detection Celiac disease by using patient’s own antigen-antibody complex (2005).
High quality is a natural demand in diagnostic field. The quality assurance of the company has been based on the standards ISO 9001 (since 1994) and EN 46001 (since 1997). Most of the products are CE-marked, and ISO 13485:2003 certificate has been issued to the company in 2004.

The company was bought in 2002 from Thermo Labsystems by experienced entrepreneurs well-known in diagnostics. Ani Labsystems belongs to a group of companies all active in the health care sector.

In the future Ani Labsystems will strongly invest in developing new diagnostic tests and methods. In autumn 2004 the company moved into new updated facilities, situated near Helsinki-Vantaa airport and equipped with latest state-of-art instrumentation and machinery. This will guarantee the success in the future along with the experienced and motivated personnel.

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