Arion, Laboratoires

694, Av. du Dr. Maurice Donat, Parc de Haute Technologie
06250 Mougins

Phone: +33 4 92923940
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Company Profile

Laboratoires Arion, a French research laboratory dedicated to the medical application of plastics, are fully equipped with the highest technology specializing in the manufacturing of breast implants. Company founder and plastic surgeon, Dr. H.G.Arion, invented the first inflatable prosthesis in the world in 1965 (patent # 1.427.926). Under his direction, research was conducted resulting in the development of the Monobloc Arion breast implant. Created in 1994 within the technopolis of Sophia-Antipolis, the family-owned and run Laboratoires Arion knew how to fill an essential niche in the market, and quickly became characterized by the quality of their products which have yet to be equalled. Continuing a tradition of professionalism and social responsibility, Laboratoires Arion resolve to be resolutely ethical and humane in their principles. The Monobloc® Arion implants debuted a unique technological concept in the field of breast implant manufacturing, making it possible to obtain an unprecedented reliability of the envelopes (autogenous welding of patch). Precursors in the design of Hydrogel-CMC implants, Laboratoires Arion are to date the only company qualified to propose an alternative to the implants pre-filled with silicone gel, a product of high technology ensuring optimal safety and a highly aesthetic result. Pre-filled with Hydrogel-CMC or silicone freezing One® Software, the Monobloc® Arion breast implants offer the surgeons and patients the insurance of a greater guarantee of safety and aesthetism.

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