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Company Profile

Asclepius Care Pty Ltd

therapacks® was founded in 2001 to provide natural pain relief for people seeking drug alternatives. Sherry, the founder and a certified midwife from Sweden, used natural hot packs as part of her work every day. After coming to Australia Sherry couldn’t find any packs to meet the standard she was looking for so she set forth to design therapacks®.

The Shoulder, Neck & Travel Pack and the Back & Stomach Pack were the first products developed to provide effective relief to all parts of the body. Later the range was complemented by other packs providing targeted relief for specific areas of the body which needed extra support to maintain mobility with a pack applied. All the designs use the patented channeled design unique to therapacks® which was invented by Sherry to ensure that the heated contents of the packs don’t run to the ends.

Most recently Asclepius Care Pty Ltd, the official owner and producer of the brand therapacks® developed Esteem and expanded into the beauty industry.

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