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About us
Attomol, a company founded in 1997, develops, produces, and distributes medical diagnostics for molecular genetics and infectiology.

Our team consists of 13 employees of different specialised fields. Our biotechnologists, biologists, biochemists and technical assistants strive always to produce our reliable attomol® tests and improve them to make your work easier. In addition they purposefully work to develop new tests, to widen our range of products constantly. Our sales and marketing assistants are available anytime for your questions, orders and problems. And they regularly inform you about important innovations in our company and our products. Our documented quality management system, established by our QM team fulfils German medical law. Our products are tested by both internal and external validations within the scope of the CE-marking process and are tested in proficiency tests.

In co-operation with the company Fujifilm Europe GmbH we developed an IVD certificated compliant complete solution for molecular diagnostics. This complete solution consists of the automated DNA isolation device QuickGene-810 IVD, the DNA purification kit QuickGene DNA whole blood kit S IVD and the detection kits for the determination of different molecular parameters attomol® quicktypeplus.

Furthermore we co-operate with the Finnish company Ani Labsystems. As the new sales part-ner we are responsible for the distribution of diverse serological Ani Labsystems products in Germany.

Attomol offers the following product lines:

products for the detection of mutations (PCR-tests)
Quicktype mutation assays (detection of the amplification products in agarose gels)
products for DNA isolation and analysis
QuickGene system
PCR assays: LINA-pathogen detection assays (hybridisation assays)
ELISAs (antibody detection assays)

IIIProdukte für die Infektionsdiagnostik
PCR-Nachweis: LINA-Erregerdirektnachweise (Hybridisierungsnachweise) ELISAs (Antikörpernachweise) Furthermore Attomol is a partner of the German net-work “Präsymptomatische Tumordiagnostik e.V.” and a partner of the “Innovativer Regionaler Wachstumskern – BioResponse“.

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