Axelgaard Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Mogelhoj 2
8520 Lystrup

Phone: +45 86742088
Fax: +45 86742281


Company Figures
Year of foundation 1985

Company Profile

Axelgaard Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1985 with the goal of applying innovative technology to biomedical electrodes, this has been and still is the Axelgaard difference.

There are two distinct divisions within Axelgaard.

Axelgaard Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., develops, manufactures and sells Neurostimulation and Sensing Electrodes, Electrosurgery and Ablation Return Pads, Cardiac Stimulation Electrodes, Transdermal Drug Delivery Accessories and provides Specialty Converting.

The AmGel Technologies division is a world leader in manufacturing a full range of Hydrogel products.

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