AxoGen Inc

13859 Progress Blvd
32615 Alachua

Phone: +1 888 296-4361
Fax: +1 386 462-6801

Company Figures
Year of foundation 2002
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

AxoGen Inc
AxoGen™ Nerve Regeneration was founded in 2002 to focus on improving peripheral nerve repair and regeneration. Peripheral nerves provide the pathway for both motor and sensory signals between the central nervous system and muscles or organs throughout the body. Injuries to nerves impact patients in many ways. A traumatic injury to an arm may result in a loss of strength, movement and muscle mass. The removal of the prostate and the cavernous nerves due to prostate cancer may result in erectile dysfunction and/or incontinence. An injury to the facial nerve can result in the patient losing the ability to smile. Every year, several hundred thousand people suffer traumatic injuries or have surgical procedures which may impact the function of their peripheral nerves. AxoGen is committed to supporting surgeons in improving the standard of care for these patients.

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