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Welcome to Bavaria

Bavaria is among the strongest economic states in Europe
With a gross national product of 385.2 billion euros, Bavaria exceeds those of 19 of the 25 EU member states. Bavaria’s economic performance per capita of 30,993 euros is considerably higher than the German and European average (2004). Bavaria represents a market with one of the highest purchasing powers worldwide.

Bavaria’s outstanding locational attributes are confirmed by international comparative studies, which regularly give a top ranking to the Munich region in particular.

Fifty years ago, Bavaria was still an agricultural state with no intensive links to important international markets. Since then Bavaria has developed into a “European High Tech Mecca” (a quote about Bavaria from Bill Gates, Microsoft’s CEO and Founder), becoming a center of the “New Economy” and a globally significant economic partner. The latest export record of euro 118 million in 2004 underscores the great international competitive strength of Bavarian industry.

Bavaria’s economy is modern and efficient
Bavaria’s economy is characterized by small and medium-sized companies of the industrial, trade and service sectors, but also by global players, such as Siemens, BMW, Audi, EADS, adidas, and MAN, thus providing a wide spectrum of competitive suppliers, customers and potential partners.

On both the international and national level, Bavaria has taken a leading position in almost all new technologies – information and communication technologies, biotechnology and genetic engineering, energy and environmental technologies. Bavaria offers an attractive setting for high-tech companies.

Key economic indicators point to the prominent role the service sector plays in the Bavarian economy. Bavaria is No.1 in German insurance and No.2 in banking.
The state is also number one in tourism. The Munich and Nuremberg fairgrounds are of international importance. The substantial growth of the corporate services industry yields considerable value.

Bavaria provides
an excellent infrastructure in sectors such as transport, telecommunication and energy, which guarantees optimal links and support to international markets,

a high level of education and continuing education,

an intensive promotion of research and technology with a share of 3.0% of the GDP resulted in Bavaria’s top international rating, thus ensuring a lasting innovation and competition potential; and

efficient administration, quick planning and authorization procedures as well as reliable and pro-business practices.

At the same time, modern Bavaria has succeeded in maintaining its attractive “soft location factors”, i.e. rich cultural diversity, cherished traditions, well preserved nature, and a wide range of recreational activities, not to mention maximum internal security.

Bavaria is innovative
In keeping with the principle of “Shaping rather than owning”, the Bavarian State Government has reinvested proceeds from privatization, totaling some 4.2 billion euros, in modernizing industry, state, and society within the framework of its High-Tech and “Offensive Zukunft Bayern” initiatives.

Bavaria has, for instance, specifically consolidated its competencies in cross-sectoral technologies of the future, such as information and communication technologies (ICT), life sciences, advanced materials, mechatronics, energy, and environmental technologies as well as nanotechnology.

The successful start to the Galileo program will be followed by additional steps to enhance the Free State’s role as a center of excellence in European satellite navigation. Further development of the public R&D infrastructure and support of companies seeking innovations in ICT are seen as an ongoing mission in Bavaria.

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