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Company Profile

About us
The Brussels Enterprise Agency’s mission is to be the “leading public contact entity” for business people (entrepreneurs, company founders, firms, SMEs, the self-employed, and foreign investors) in the Brussels Capital Region.

The BEA is a business portal in Brussels. It offers companies a one-stop shop for all of the information they need on setting up or exercising an economic or innovative activity in the Brussels Capital Region.

Based on an analysis of a company’s position and armed with its excellent knowledge of public and private institutions, BEA identifies the service sought or the information desired and guides the entrepreneur to the institution or partner that is best placed to help the entrepreneur to consolidate his project. In this sense, BEA acts as a platform to other Brussels institutions.

The BEA’s internal organisation

From an organisational point of view, BEA is structured into 4 departments:

The Economics & Starters Department provides information and advice on, among other things, public and private aid and services available in the Brussels Capital Region.
The Town Planning and Environment Department notably provides practical and specific answers to doing business successfully while complying with the many town planning and environmental regulations.
The Technology and Innovative Projects Department informs, advises and supports the implementation of all of your innovative projects.
The International Relations Department provides information on and access to possible sources of European financing, and helps entrepreneurs to identify and approach European partners. BEA is the Brussels representative of the European network of Innovation Relay Centers. This department is also responsible for identifying and attracting foreign investors who wish to set up or might wish to set up businesses in the Brussels Capital Region.

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