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ALPCO (American Laboratory Products Company) – founded in 1990 is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of high quality immunoassay kits. Much of our successful growth can be attributed to the ongoing communication and collaborative relationships that we have fostered with our customers and respected thought leaders in the academic, biotech and clinical arenas. ALPCO is committed to providing the high quality products and superior technical support that have defined our reputation while growing our brand world-wide.
Code: 3.02.07 – Immuno assay systems

Janco Electronics (JEI) is an Electronics Manufacturing Services provider specializing in assembly (thru-hole and surface mount technology) and test (in-circuit and functional) of Teflon, mixed dielectric and FR-4 printed circuit boards. We service a wide range of industries including medical, telecom, industrial, automotive, military, computer and semiconductor.
Code: COMPAMED.12.02, COMPAMED.12.18, COMPAMED.12.24, COMPAMED.12.60 – Manufacturing services

Orion Wire – Designs custom wire and cable products per customer’s specifications for the medical and dental device market.
Code: 07.41, 07.44, 07.53, COMPAMED.07.06, COMPAMED.12.02, COMPAMED.12.18, COMPAMED.12.24, COMPAMED.12.60

Skelley Medical – Skelley Medical, LLC. was founded with the goal of providing the highest quality endoscopy equipment and service at a fraction of the cost hospitals typically face. Skelley Medical works to help maximize your budget by making it our goal to provide high quality medical equipment at a fraction of the cost of new equipment. Our customers find that by partnering with us they can perform more procedures, generate more revenue, and stay within their budget specifications. More times than not, your capital budget does not allow you to acquire the medical equipment you need to run your operation effectively. Historically, this is based upon the tradition of buying new, expensive equipment. However, many medical professionals are now looking at creative solutions to solve this issue, and Skelley Medical is here to help. We can provide a full line of refurbished equipment with a 1-year warranty.
Code: 1.08.04 Endoscopes and accessories

TASK Microelectronics – Founded in 1987 with locations in Canada and in the U.S., TASK Microelectronics is a high technology firm specializing in the design and manufacture of custom microelectronic circuits, providing miniaturization solutions to markets such as medical, avionics, industrial and military electronics.
Code: COMPAMED.06, COMPAMED.07.033, COMPAMED.12.02, COMPAMED.12.18, COMPAMED.12.24, COMPAMED.12.60

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