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Company Profile

Best Teleprodukter AB
BEST develops and markets telecommunications products. The company, which was established in 1979, is the Scandinavian market leader in medical alert and personal safety alarms for the healthcare sector.

BEST Center in Gothenburg is the company’s headquarters, where all product development and design also takes place. BEST is represented through subsidiaries or retailers in Europe, the US and Asia.

BEST has had ISO-9001 quality certification and ISO-14001 environmental certification since 2005.

BEST cooperates closely with various user groups when developing new system solutions. This method of working leads to the development of systems that are extremely flexible and user-friendly. The latest technology and high quality are employed during the development process to achieve the highest level of reliability.

All of BEST’s systems can be integrated with each other to achieve a total communication solution, no matter the type of care or customer requirements. For example, our medical alert systems can be easily integrated with personal safety alarms or bed equipment to achieve an overall solution. BEST systems can also be integrated with other systems such as fire alarms, paging, DECT telephony, access control systems, and OPC solutions.

Internal security communications are becoming ever more important in companies and public administration as well. Therefore BEST has developed a personal safety alarm for the modern office, so people can more quickly and easily obtain help, thereby achieving a more secure work environment.

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