BF-BIOlabs GmbH

Ferdinand-Porsche-Str. 5/1
79211 Denzlingen

Phone: +49 7666 8808-37
Fax: +49 7666 8814-12

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Dr. Patric Zeltz 07666 880837
Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Export content max. 10% Year of foundation 2007 Area of business Design, Research and Development Services Manufacturing Services About us BF-BIOlabs is located in Denzlingen near Freiburg (Biovalley region). The founders of BF-Biolabs have long-term experience in the field of microarrays, as they initiated development and production of microarrays for SNP-analysis already in 1998. The technology for production of gene-expression microarrays was introduced in 2000. As a consequence customers of BF-Biolabs have access to a broad know how linked with a sophisticated product portfolio: BF-Biolabs designs and produces custom-made microarrays for gene-identification, SNP- and gene-expression analysis. With respect to certain scientific or diagnostic tasks, BF-Biolabs uses specialized microarray production processes to achieve optimal specificity and sensitivity. BF-Biolabs operates with two different microarrayers, Omnigrid100 and MicrogridII, depending on the technical specifications of a certain microarray and of the amount of chips ordered. In addition to microarray production, BF-Biolabs offers mission oriented research in the field of microarrays and PCR-analysis (e.g. quantitative PCR, multiplex PCR) In the case of SNP analysis BF-Biolabs can offer high-level differentiation by the use of it's proprietary On-Chip PCR method (Determination of DNA sequences by means of parallel amplification). Furthermore BF-Biolabs carries out microarray experiments, chip readout as well as data analysis as services. For each type of application (Gene ID, SNP, gene-expression) BF-Biolabs uses an optimized method. AbsolutPrecision Printheads for MicroGrid- und Genetix QArray2- Microarrayer. StorageCenter for Printheads und Pins.

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