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Year of foundation 1984
Area of business Fabrics

Bio-Racer N.V.

“Man as the measure of all things”
It is no coincidence that a modern day version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Man as the measure of all things” has a prominent position in the Bio-Racer logo. From the early beginnings of our company science has been used to the benefit of the cyclist and his equipment. And vice versa.

At the start of the 1980’s the sport of cycling tries to change its image of the plodding, lonely Flandrien, slaving away on his own. The computer and science make their entry into the peloton, mainly with an eye to medical supervision. The cyclist’s most important piece of equipment is still badly served by science. A shortcoming.

Raymond Vanstraelen is in agreement. In 1984 he decides to employ the experience which he gained as a cyclist and coach of top cyclists, his technical knowledge and that of others, to accomplish a mission: a new generation of cyclists provided with equipment and clothing which is literally made to measure. Bio-Racer, a contraction of “Biomechanics” and “Racer”, is born.

Their completely own vision with regard to the position on the bicycle – most cyclists adopted an incorrect posture – results in a unique but universal computerized measuring system: the Bio Racer Bike Fitting System. The concept immediately proves its worth as various top cyclists further enhanced their list of victories and that they partly attribute that to a newly worked out cycling posture. Nowadays the professional peloton can no longer be thought of without the Bio-Racer measuring system and it is the standard for the recreational cyclist.

On the highest podium

Bio-Racer’s modern, scientific approach leaves a deep impression behind in the conservative cycling world. For the first time, but certainly not for the last. After the bicycle the young company focuses itself on the cyclist’s clothing, which until then offered little in the way of comfort. At first in collaboration with a Swiss textile manufacturer and later completely independent with its own range of clothes and silk-screen printing facility.

The use of Lycra, the first seamless chamois, the innovative cut of a cycling jersey. These are just a few of the innovations for which the cycling world will be thankful to Bio-Racer for years to come. Classics, World Cup races, world titles and Olympic honours. The list of prize winners that has been accumulated in our equipment is incredibly impressive. The position of market leader in the Benelux in the area of qualitative club attire is perhaps an even better award.

The garage where the success story began has in the meantime literally come apart at the seams. The first company premises were opened in 1989. Less than fifteen years later a second move to an ultramodern design and production workshop follows. Here we continue to carry out further pioneering work, develop new products and opportunities, based on sound scientific research. And in the future the cyclist and his comfort will still play a central role.

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