Biomark GmbH

Robert-Bosch-Str. 7
77866 Rheinau

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Company Figures
Number of employees 1-19
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1983

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About Us

Biomark was founded in September 1983 in the U.S.A. for the worldwide distribution of certain products in the biomedical field.

In December 1983 Biomark added, for general medical distribution, a range of hot and cold Gel products and orthopaedic bandages manufactured in Germany. The product range was marketed and distributed through wholesalers, dealers and retailers in the USA and Canada. This new range rapidly became the flagship of our product portfolio and began to account for a high percentage of the company’s business.

In order to ensure secure delivery of quality products, as well as financing and growth of production capability, Biomark in 1987 took over most of the product portfolio and manufacturing –with new , fully automated and highly efficient production machinery in Germany. Biomark did continue to grow rapidly and because of the quality of its products and good service gained a good reputation and sales from many countries worldwide.

Due to the continued growth of Biomark and the need for added capacity in manufacturing and sales, it was decided to embark on a reorganization program designed to focus managements attention. Accordingly in July 1991 Biomark Inc. was split into three divisions:

1) Biomark GmbH: Manufacturing, sales and marketing – Germany
2) Biomark Inc: Sales and marketing – USA, Canada, Latin America
3) Biomark Limited: Sales and marketing – rest of world

Because of the continued expansion of the product range into the field of sports, consumer products and beauty care, Biomark invested in a new large facility for production and warehousing in Germany. This new factory and headquarters for Biomark GmbH is located in Rheinau, a small town very close to Starsbourg – the Capital of Europe. The large and modern facility, opened 1992, has room for growth for the foreseeable future and produces all illness of products offered by Biomark.

In May 1994 a further enlargement of the Biomark Group of companies led to the establishment of a Biomark sales company in the UK, with strong enmphasis on sales to the UK mail order and TV sales trade.

Distribution worldwide Biomark has appointed distributors in many countries. These distributors sometimes are specialized and sell with their own sales force to e.g specific medical markets or function as importers and/or multi-channel distributors.

Changes and Future plans: Due to major changes and business concentrations over the last few years in some of our markets, Biomark decided to reorganize for a more effective future. This meant to put even more of our efforts on product innovations, sales through well established and new distributors, as well as acting as a manufacturer of private label products to various companies worldwide.

The ongoing concentration of hospitals and medical supply stores, first in the USA and now in several countries, showed us that Biomark (with it’s specialized product line ) could sell more effectively through well-sorted and well-known distributors rather than through own Biomark sales offices. Biomark therefore decided to close it’s own sales office in the UK in 2001, and now cooperates with specialized UK distributors.

These changes freed management and funds, in order to invest these in new product development and further automation – making Biomark even more competitive price wise while maintaining a high level of quality production. As many of our products are innovative and new, Biomark and distribution partners will be able to sell much more and expand the markets for our products.

Thus, Biomark has started production of very innovative (the first vacuum-formed) warm/cold face masks – for use in medical or cosmetic applications. Biomark plans to support and lead the growing interest in warm or cold treatment for cosmetic use ,in cooperation with cosmetic companies and distributors.

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