BioMed Diagnostics, Inc.

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Company Figures
Year of foundation 1989
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

BioMed Diagnostics, Inc.
BioMed Diagnostics got its start in 1989 after doctors returned from a mercy mission in Central America. Due to the lack of adequate laboratory facilities and supplies, it was very difficult to accurately diagnose patients. This prompted the development of a way to package diagnostics for field use that did not require an extensive laboratory, expensive equipment or refrigeration.

Initially, a liquid medium was developed to grow the organism Trichomonas vaginalis, with plastic packaging that allowed it to be kept at room temperature for up to twelve months. Soon thereafter, another liquid medium was made to grow a similar organism, Tritrichomonas foetus, that infects cattle and cats. These are the InPouchTM TV and InPouchTM TF diagnostic kits.

BioMed’s next innovative product was a rigid package design to accommodate solid media. The goal was to make a package that could be carried wherever needed, had an extended shelf life and required no refrigeration. Additionally, BioMed designed a device that could be used with a microscope to observe the organism directly without having to open the package.

The resealable cover label contains an anti-fog clear window over the agar well for observation with or without a microscope. An added filter vent, for use with aerobic organisms, allows for air circulation without contamination or escape of pathogens.

This family of products now includes the InTrayTM DM for the growth and detection of dermatophytes, the InTrayTM ColorexTM Yeast for the growth and detection of Candida species, the InTrayTM ColorexTM Screen for the growth and detection of selected pathogenic bacteria, and the InTrayTM GC for the growth and detection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

BioMed Diagnostics has an established reputation with products used throughout the United States and in more than twenty-five countries worldwide. We continue to develop and investigate a wide range of additional media and devices. BioMed is also able to provide specialty media in a variety of formats, including the InPouchTM and InTrayTM upon request. We also offer a PetrisealTM format that allows for extended shelf life at room temperature within a standard Petri dish.

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