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Keumsoo Song Chief Researcher, 412, Bio Ind. Support Ctr., HiTech, Venture Town, 198-53, Hupyeong-dong, 200-161 Chungcheon, Gangwon-do, Korea (Rep.), Telefon: (+82-33)2586097, Fax: (+82-33)2586099
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Molecular recognition where specific molecules recognize each other reversibly or irreversibly is well known phenomenon in nature. Even the antibody and antigen interaction is irreversible molecular recognition cause once they interacted each other it’s not easy to separate them.

BMT focused on using irreversible molecular recognition as a tool to attach biomolecules such as OligoDNA’s and Proteins on slide glass or plastic surface to manufacture biochips for various purpose. To accomplish these purposes BMT invented various supramolecules which once assembled on surface to form monolayers the modified surface can capture and immobilize bilmolecules.

BMT introduces several modified surfaces called 9G chips designed to immobilize OligoDNA’s and several modified surfaces called MARS (multiple arginine and/or ammonium recognition system) chips for protein immobilization.

The immobilization speed and density and reproducibility is relatively high compared to the conventional method. Besides, BMT also produces ELISA plates for both OligoDNA and Proteins where same technology is applied on plastic surface by the aid of modified glass fibers.

BMT chips can help you out of lot of troubles when you are in research of biochip and related fields.

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