Bionime GmbH

Tramstr. 16
9442 Berneck

Phone: +41 71 7229842
Fax: +41 71 7229843

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Bionime GmbH Tramstrasse 16, 9442 Berneck, Switzerland, Telephone: +41(0)71 722 98 40, Fax: +41(0)71 722 98 43

IMCARMED GmbH Hauptstrasse 27F, 23923 Lüdersdorf, Deutschland, Telefon: +49(0)38821 62011, Fax: +49(0)38821 62062, Hotline: 0 36 71 – 35 71 46
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Area of business Diagnostics

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The multicultural team of BIONIME provides first class service throughout the entire business relation. The vision, philosophy, history and BIONIME´s worldwide distribution network confirm this principle.

Vision With our „peace of mind“ medical devices we offer solutions to patients to accurately manage and control their own health.

Philosophy The key to success is a strong and close co-operation with skilled external business partners who offer many years of experience in brand development and maintenance. „Without active and aggressive trademark protection and enforcement, no brand would survive. Understanding and using branding tools to create a product image in the international market place is truly a creative art“. Dr. Dieter Hepp , HEPP AG

Responsibility for our patients in their daily contact with our products and services is an important guideline in the BIONIME philosophy. BIONIME and its partners are well protected through our Swiss insurance arrangements, that are established to deal with any event that could possibly cause damage or risk to patients, partners and our own operation.

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