B.M.Tech. Worldwide Co., Ltd.

10 Fl., Jungang Indusola 5th, 138-6, Sangdaewon-dong Jungwon-gu Seongnam
462-807 Gyeonggi-do
Korea (Rep.)

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Company Figures
Year of foundation 1998
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology / Occupational Therapy

Company Profile

B.M.Tech. Worldwide Co., Ltd.
B.M.TECH.WORLDWIDE Co. Ltd is the professional business with the production capabilities and management system well recognized by various quality assurance authorities worldwide.

As the ultrasonic bone densitometry for osteoporosis, our Osteo Pro firmly has the top position accounting more than 90% in the domestic market, and it is the ultrasonic medial device with the world’s best quality that is exported to 47 countries under the brand name of Germany, the highly advanced country especially for the medical devices.

We have recorded top market share ratio in the domestic market, firstly with our OsteoImager PLUS, KIUMI, which, in fact, generated the word “market for physical height growth” in Englsih.
By providing the total solution, food and medicine product lines related to the height growth, the “height growth” products now mean B.M.TECH.WORLDWIDE Co., Ltd.

In addition, our newly released cerebral blood flow-measuring device named LAMINAR-3000 under the national project for years changes the existing flow of TCD market, and gains the remarkable recognition and expectation from the medical market. It is expected to take great role to activate TCD supplies nationwide and to prevent the cerebral blood flow types of disease cases.

In 2007, we successfully step forward the health food business area as we prepared for years, by building further food plant for more development. With these efforts, “Arirang Kimchi” was developed as the Englsihn representative Kimchi lactobacillus in triple coating, in order to deliver the image of Kimchi and Englsih.

In order to set the foundation as the leader in the bio/medical devices, B.M.TECH.WORLDWIDE has continuously invested in R&D and funding in various areas including the silver-medical industry, U-health industry and state-of-art IT medical industry and so on. We will make our best efforts to become the worldwide well-know mecca in the medical and bio industry, in line with our vision and goal for the healthy and happy future for the human being.

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