Caesarea Medical Electronics Ltd.

Staufenburgstr. 23
72805 Lichtenstein

Phone: +800 323 57500


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CME CME, Saufenburgstr. 23, D-72805 Lichtenstein Germany, Toll free tel. no.: +800-323-575-00
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Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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About Us
Caesarea Medical Electronics develops and have designed a wide range of infusion pumps. The company manufactures intravenous (IV) medication delivery and multi functional infusion therapy devices
Caesarea Medical Electronics technology is designed to reduce the cost of IV pump therapies. The company provides products, professional technical support and training services to hospitals and health care systems
Caesarea Medical Electronics –CME is a privately owned company formed in 1993.
The Company currently sells to customers in Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA.
CME manufactures a state of art enteral infusion pump ‘NOA 4’ for Enteral Nutrition
The company manufactures and sells an ambulatory infusion pump for parenteral infusion, BodyGuard, which is capable of infusing continuously from an IV bag or syringe
CME has developed technology to monitor patient health during the infusion process and our ‘SafeSmart’ algorithm will stop an infusion if a significant deterioration in the patient health is registered.
The BodyGuard ambulatory pumps are designed to infuse medication in the following additional applications:
TPN: Total Parenteral Nutrition
PCA: Patient Control Analgesia – iv and epidural
Chronotherapy: Sinusoidal infusion protocols for chemotherapy
Intermittent: for antibiotic treatment.
CME manufactures a private label MRI compatible pump

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