Cefar Compex

4717 Adams Road
37343 Hixson, TN

Phone: +1 423 870-7200
Fax: +1 423 870-2046


Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 1975
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology / Occupational Therapy

Cefar Compex
Cefar and Compex have united their energies, their know-how and technological expertise to create CefarCompex, the worldwide leader in electrotherapy.
CefarCompex is an effective range of products developed in line with the very highest quality and standards and designed to fulfil your needs.
CefarCompex is the best expertise and educational capacity in the field of electrotherapy.
CefarCompex is also the greatest electrotherapy research and innovation capabilities worldwide.

Rehabilitation, pain relief, recovery, muscular reinforcement, physical beauty…whether you are a health professional or simply want to look after your body, a sports enthusiast or a top-level competitor, discover how CefarCompex can help you achieve your objectives.

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