Chensin Packing Industry Co., Ltd.

No. 7, LN. 33, Da Pu Road, San Hsia
237 Taipei Hsien

Phone: +886 2 86715371
Fax: +886 2 86719672


Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume > 500 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1990
Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Company Profile

About Us
The technologies of avulsing, coating, sticking, winding and cutting are Chensin’s crucial power. Chensin can fulfill the customers’ customization by our high quality, class, lead time and cost, which are the most valuable. Chensin was founded at August 8, 1990, when Chensin professionally manufactureed non-woven double side tape, foams

tape and all kinds of tapes (plastical leather, leather, non-woven cloth, PET) for coating, sticking, winding and cutting. Later Chensin focused on developing EMI Sheilding , PET/Masking Tape, EMI Sheilding Tape, and Conductive Non Base Tape / Transfer Adhesive Tape, not only provided electronical industries sheltering from electromagnetic wave, but also made independent technologies of designiing and manufacturing in the procedures of avulsing, coating, sticking industrial tapes.
   Chensin observed the trends of bio-technology in 1995, then started to develop all kinds of surgical non-woven tapes, and successfully manufactured the Non-Woven Tape in 1997. In Taiwan, Chensin marketed by its private brand CS AirporeTM Surgical Tape for the hospitals and dispensaries, and set up the equipments specially for producing 30 million surgical tapes per year.

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