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Year of foundation 2005

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About us
CHILIdevices® International was founded 2005. The company has a reputation in creating novell and innovative embedded designs for the emerging embedded markets.

Company Profile
Recogniced widely for its expertise in embedded device and system design challenges, CHILIdevices® International is devoted to bringing new, innovative solutions for the embedded markets.

CHILIdevices® International products are the smart choice for companies that are looking to gain a unique advantage in today’s embedded world. Through continuous research and development, CHILIdevices® International provides products that help engineers to get their complex designs to the markets fast and reliably.

Over the years, the company has become a true authority in creating advanced, high performance system solutions in tiny packages.

Our mission is to provide advanced, high performance system solutions in tiny packages in order to help our customers to get their challenging embedded designs into markets fast and reliably.

With the large customer base of satisfied companies of consumer and industrial branches, CHILIdevices® International has been able to introduce novel products for various product areas. As a result the CHILIdevices® International products have been incorporated into a broad range of applications.

As a true authority in embedded markets, our engineers work in true co-operation with our customers. Close contact helps our development team to follow closely the changes in the embedded market needs.

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