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China Medical Specialties Inc is a contract manufacturer of medical devices, components and equipment. We are Canadian owned and operated with more than 20 years of experience in China and the global medical device industry. We provide world class turnkey contract manufacturing in China. We deliver sterile devices and components by FDA registered facilities with CE marking with high quality at ½ the cost! We make sourcing from China simple, you can buy at incredibly low costs with the confidence in knowing that your products will be delivered on time that meets and exceeds your specifications.

Sourcing in China requires experience and an understanding of the process from start to finish. Errors in choosing a vendor for outsourcing or sourcing a new product can costs thousands of dollars in receiving products that do not meet specifications, are not the same quality as samples or don’t ship on time. Vendors in China are unique, negotiating and choosing a vendor requires knowledge of local customs and business practices. We look forward to your projects and welcome you to visit our facilities to examine the unique CMS approach to China manufacturing for yourself.

As the publishers of China MedBook we know China best. Proven relationships with the best vendors ensure we can obtain the best pricing. Because of our relationships and ongoing support in the local language we make it easy to transfer production or to develop new products. We understand the importance of your IP and will make sure it’s protected by not only working with vendors we trust but by splitting up a project so no one vendor understands the end product.

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