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Company Figures
Year of foundation 1946
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Laboratory Equipment

Communication and Information Technology

Company Profile

CISA has been manufacturing and selling sterilization systems for over 60 years for both hospitals and industrial application, covering all sterilization needs.
CISA is an Industrial Group which manufactures industrial machinery and integrated technological production systems with factories in different continents and its headquarters in Italy. CISA offers capillary distribution and technical assistance both in Italy and overseas that allows it to guarantee constant presence and a complete service in all the countries in which it operates.
Coordination of distributors and technical service centres are handled through the CISA branches ,companies and scientific offices located in Joinville (Brasil) for Brasil, in Amman (Jordan) for Middle East, in Miami (Usa) for North and Latin America (with offices in Colombia and Venezuela), in Tunis (Tunisia) for Africa, in Singapore for Asia, in New Delhi for India, in Shimkent (Kazakhstan) for Central Asia and Vireux Molhain for France. Besides CISA has special setups in Russia, Germany and UK. CISA headquarters for the rest of the world is in Pomezia (Rome). The entire production is made in the plants of Joinville for the South American market and in Pomezia for the rest of the world.

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