Colossal Career Machinery Co., Ltd.

No. 408, Chunghsiao Road
Bali Shiang, Taipei

Phone: +886 2 86304235
Fax: +886 2 86304237


Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1970
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Colossal Career Machinery Co., Ltd.
Urged by the continued progress of technology, most of the products on the market are inevitably replaced by the newer and more advanced ones to meet the requirements of modern life, among which the machinery and products for medical use are regarded as the most.

Owing to this, during the initial period of establishment in 1970, our company/factory, without any hesitation, made a great investment in the development and research of our products with a view to achieving the goals of ” Creativeness “and ” High Efficiency ” and it has been our concept in management since then

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