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Sales Hans Bienfait, Marcel van Scharrenburg, Ferry Paap, Henk Bakker, Jan Schram, Marcus Schuchmann, Pim Heiligers
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Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1947
Area of business Certification Bodies and Notified Bodies

Components, Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers

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Printing / Bar Coding

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About us
Colpitt B.V. manufactures a special range of welding machines since 1947.

About 60 years ago Colpitt made their first plastic welding machines for the manufacturing of P.V.C. products. From the first manual operated machine there has been a continuous development towards automation.

More than 40 years ago Colpitt co-operated with the Dutch Red Cross in developing machines which could make flexible plastic blood bags. Since that time the supply of machines for medical purposes has taken a major role.

Although the earlier work was done on blood bags, this rapidly spread to all types and sizes of infusion and C.A.P.D. systems, where the obvious medical and practical use of flexible bags became apparent.
Over the past decades Colpitt has succeeded in combining precision engineering at an affordable cost with high reliability at top production speeds.

Colpitt has a general advantage in the medical field since it was the first company to supply H.F. welding equipment for the purpose of making flexible packaging to replace the rigid glass bottle.

The Colpitt system for producing medical bags is such that the bag opening and the tubes/ ports insertion is done without introducing any metal or plastic parts inside the bag. This minimizes the possibility of introducing particles into the bag.

The Colpitt system uses external claws for opening the bags. After opening, the ports/tubes (put on stainless steel mandrels) are inserted in the bag. This bag opening and port insertion system (patented by Colpitt) is the only way for successful production of medical bags from lay-flat tubular.

A vast range of products can be produced on Colpitt machines:

– IV bags,
– Blood bags,
– CAPD bags,
– Drug bags,
– Nutrition bags,
– X – Chamber bags,

Colpitt-machines are suitable for Thermo Contact and High Frequency welding principle. Production speeds up to 5000 bags per hour have been achieved on these machines.

With the new state-of-the-art technology now available, Colpitt offers a choice of the latest digital PLC-controls, automatic fault finding systems, online process monitoring and production data read-out/ printing.

The new machine models from Colpitt are all emission free and comply with the most recent health and safety administration levels, CE and OSHA safety guidelines.

Service is the most important of an integral working relationship for Colpitt.

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