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Company Profile

CPI has an extensive portfolio of over 4,500 products that includes a wide range of microwave and power grid VEDs, in addition to products such as:

Satellite communications amplifier subsystems
Radar and electronic warfare subsystems
Solid state integrated microwave assemblies
Medical X-ray generators and control systems
Modulators and transmitters
Various electronic power supply and control equipment and devices
Additionally, CPI has developed complementary, more highly integrated, subsystems that contain additional integrated components for medical imaging and for satellite communications applications.

Generally, CPI’s products are used to:
Generate or amplify (multiply) various forms of electromagnetic energy (these products are generally referred to as VEDs, vacuum electron devices, or simply as devices)
Direct, measure and control electromagnetic energy
Provide the voltages and currents to power and control devices that generate electromagnetic energy
Provide some combination of the above functions
VEDs were initially developed for defense applications but have since been applied to many commercial markets. CPI uses tailored variations of this key technology to address the different frequency and power requirements in each of CPI’s target markets. Generally CPI’s VED products derive from, or are enhancements to, the original VED technology on which the company was founded. All of CPI’s other products were natural offshoots of the original VED technology and were developed in response to the opportunities and requirements in the market for more fully integrated products. The type of device selected for a specific application is based on the operating parameters required by the system.

CPI sells several categories of VEDs, including:
Klystrons and gyrotrons: Klystrons are typically high-power VEDs that operate over a narrow range of frequencies, with power output ranges from hundreds of watts to megawatts and frequencies from 500 kilohertz to over 30 gigahertz. CPI produces and manufactures klystrons for a variety of radar, communications, medical, industrial and scientific applications. Gyrotron oscillators and amplifiers operate at very high-power and very high frequencies. Power output of one megawatt has been achieved at frequencies greater than 100 gigahertz. These devices are used in areas such as fusion research, electronic warfare and high-resolution radar.
Helix traveling wave tubes: Helix traveling wave tubes are VEDs that operate over a wide range of frequencies at moderate output power levels (tens of watts to thousands of watts). These devices are ideal for terrestrial and satellite communications and electronic warfare applications.
Coupled cavity traveling wave tubes: Coupled cavity traveling wave tubes are VEDs that combine some of the power generating capability of a klystron with some of the increased bandwidth (wider frequency range) properties of a helix traveling wave tube. These amplifiers are medium bandwidth, high-power devices, since power output levels can be as high as one megawatt. These devices are used primarily for high-power and multi-function radars, including front line radar systems.
Magnetrons: Magnetron oscillators are VEDs capable of generating high-power output at relatively low cost. Magnetrons generate power levels as high as 20 megawatts and cover frequencies up to the 40 gigahertz range. CPI design and manufacture magnetrons for radar, electronic warfare and missile programs within the defense market. Shipboard platforms include search and air traffic control radar on most aircraft carriers, cruisers and destroyers of NATO-country naval fleets. Ground-based installations include various military and civil search and air traffic control radar systems. CPI is also a supplier of magnetrons for use in commercial weather radar. Potential new uses for magnetrons include high-power microwave systems for disruption of enemy electronic equipment and the disabling or destruction of road-side bombs and other IEDs.
Cross-field amplifiers: Cross-field amplifiers are VEDs used for high-power radar applications because they have power output capability as high as 10 megawatts. CPI’s cross-field amplifiers are primarily used to support the Aegis radar system used by the U.S. Navy and selected foreign naval vessels. CPI supply units for both new ships and replacements.
Power grid devices: Power grid devices are lower frequency VEDs that are used to generate, amplify and control electromagnetic energy. These devices are used in commercial and defense communications systems and radio and television broadcasting. CPI also supplies power grid devices for the shortwave broadcast market. CPI’s products are also widely used in equipment that serves industrial markets such as textile drying, pipe welding and semiconductor wafer fabrication.

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