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CPREzy – Health Affairs Ltd, Berkhamsted House

CPR Ezy was invented in Australia by Dr Andrew Davaris and Mr George Karlis. Dr Davaris is a General Practitioner based in Victoria, Australia, with extensive experience on the hospital emergency units. It was during his time on these units that Dr Davaris became concerned with the significant number of cardiac arrest patients that presented suffering serious physical injury such as broken ribs, rib separations and punctured lungs. The obvious cause of this physical injury was, in many cases, a direct result of excessive and improperly performed chest compression carried out by well-meaning CPR rescuers. Clinical and experimental studies confirm that this technique is effective when performed properly, however, the probability of properly performed CPR was extremely low. The studies show that inexperienced rescuers face a number of difficulties in achieving adequate and effective CPR. These include:

Overcoming the fear and reluctance of having to make contact with the patient to perform mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Locating the correct area on the sternum (breastbone) to place the hands for external cardiac compression.
The difficulty of remembering how much force to apply to the chest during external cardiac compression.
The task of performing external cardiac compression at the optimal rate of 100 beats per minute.
Performing CPR effectively for periods of 20 minutes or more.
Succumbing to fatigue/exhaustion and the impact this has on effective CPR.
Trying to assess whether fatigue is having a negative effect on the adequateness of the CPR being delivered.
Remembering the correct sequence of events to perform effective CPR.

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