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90768 Fürth

Phone: +49 911 97536-0
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Geschäftsführer/ Wilhelm Daum Tel: +49 (0) 911/97536-0, Fax: +49 (0) 911/97536-23
Company Profile

Company Profile

Daum electronic gmbh, headquartered in Fürth, Bavaria, is active internationally and manufactures ergometer bikes, ergometer ellipse trainers and ergometer treadmills with a design unequalled in functionality and ergonomics.

Daum electronic gmbh was founded 35 years ago by Wilhelm Daum. In 1994 the business category “Ergometers, Fitness, and Training equipment with memory card” was successfully established. Daum electronic is today a leading manufacturer of ergometers with more than 200,000 units sold worldwide.

Research and Development
We produce, in a converted hangar of the year 1934, top quality devices complying with the highest technical standards and designed in close co-operation with sports and occupational physicians. We design and manufacture all the hardware and software used.

Product Management
Our products undergo an uninterrupted development process and are thus steadily adapted to the continuously increasing expectations and demands of the market. For instance, our ergometers with memory card, that are aimed at the sports and health segment, give physicians and physiotherapists the possibility to devise individual training-plans for their patients, and then to evaluate and document the training data saved on the memory card.

Distribution and Technical Services
With our extensive national and international networks of dealers, we offer our customers the highest service value. Our efficient and customer-oriented operating method also guarantees prompt and reliable customer services.

Quality Management
Quality is one of the most important objectives of the company. Daum electronic has been certified for many years in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard, and since 2004 is also certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 13485 standard and thus authorised to manufacture medical equipmentt.

There are many good reasons to choose daum products :

Technology and quality “Made in Germany”
Certified medical equipment manufacturer
We develop and manufacture our own high value electronic components
30 national and international registrations and awards for patents, registered designs and models
The ergo_bike “fitness 2000” was awarded the label “good” from the “Stiftung Warentest” (German Organisation for the Testing of Consumer Goods)
The ergo_bike “vita 2002 pc de luxe” was awarded the Premium Seal of the “Landesgewerbeanstalt” (LGA)
all our devices comply with the therapeutic standards: DIN EN 957-1, -5, and -9, are GS safety-tested, and comply with the CE standards.

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