Delcon S.r.l.

Via Matteucci, 25/27
20043 Arcore / MI

Phone: +39 039 617670
Fax: +39 039 617677


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

R&D O.E.M. – Dr. Ing. Massimo Racanelli Delcon s.r.l., Via Zanica, 19/F/I, I-24050 Grassobbio (BG) – Italy

Sales & Marketing – Mr. Roberto Ferron c/o, Delcon s.r.l., Via Matteucci, 25/27, I-20043 Arcore (MI) – Italy
Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1982
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Laboratory Equipment

Company Profile

Blood bank equipment and lab refrigerators – freezers
Delcon is manufacturer of blood bank equipment such as automatic blood components extractors, blood colelction monitors and tube sealers: we also produce a wide range of lab refrigerators and freezers not only for the blood bank market.ions. We also offer some OEM service for designing and production of instrumentation and electromechanics devices to third Italian or foreign companies. Our R&D department can offer a wide range of services in the fields of electronics, laboratory, mechanics and optical if applied to most of the laboratory equipment. We are ISO9001:2000 and ISO13485:2004 certified for designing and production of medical devices (machines + consumables).
Delcon works since 20 years also as distributor for some important companies in the laboratory, medical, hospital and veterinary fields. For Italy we have a qualified team of sales reps for all the Italian territory.

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