DFI Co., Ltd.

542-1, Daman-Ri, Jinrae-Myun
621-881 Gimhae-City
Korea (Rep.)

Phone: +82 55 3461882
Fax: +82 55 3461883


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Charles Lee phone: +82-55 346 18-82, phone: +82-55 345 25-93, fax: +82-55 346 18-83, mibole: +82-19 447 21-68
Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Area of business Laboratory Equipment


Company Profile

Company Profile
DFI Co., Ltd. is a global medical company with the mission to significantly improve the lives of individuals by innovation in meeting consumer’s desires all around world.
For many years DFI’s R & D team has been researching and developing to manufacture diagnostic medical supplies, cooperating with various organizations such as KIST (the Korea Institute of Science & Technology) and famous research professors in diagnostic business circles.

Backed by these R&D efforts with our state-of the-art production facilities -we are maintaining our air conditioning system with RH 2% which is a world class facility for the manufacturing of in vitro diagnostics products -and long-term skilled engineers, DFI produced the excellent products with the lowest price & highest quality in the world

Clinical laboratories and medical researchers use our products to analyze urine, blood from patients for the diagnosis of various diseases and other medical complications, or to measure the level of specific substances which may exist in extremely small concentrations in the human body.

We look forward to continued growth, the opportunity to explore the ever-expanding and exciting frontiers of diagnostic technology and promise to provide only the best products available to everyone.
We thank you for your continued support and trust in our products.

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