Diesse Diagnostica Senese S.p.A

Via San Vittore, 36/1
20123 Milano

Phone: +39 05 77319560
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Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 10-49 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 1982
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

DIESSE Diagnostica Senese S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of innovative clinical systems, with more than 135 highly skilled and qualified employees. DIESSE R&D, Manufacturing and Corporate Marketing departments are located in Siena, Italy. Its Instrument Development Division and Financial Department are located in Bologna and Milan respectively. In early 2005, DIESSE opened DIESSE INC, its US subsidiary located in Florida, which is in charge of developing the business in the Americas.
DIESSE was founded in 1982, thanks to a partnership between financial investors and top level researchers with long-standing experience in developing clinical diagnostic products and systems.
Throughout its twenty-three year history, DIESSE has focused its efforts on developing a solid position in the market of hematology and infectious disease test systems. In the early years, the company capitalized on its reputation for manufacturing quality and excellent products for serology testing which allowed the company to expand its activities to other strategic markets.
The initial development was greatly assisted by the invention and subsequent patenting of a revolutionary method for the determination of the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR). Based on this technology, DIESSE developed the VESMATIC™ SYSTEM, which reduces the turn-around time of ESR testing by more than fifty percent eliminates the risk of direct exposure to blood samples. Additionally, VESMATIC Systems offer added safety and convenience through the use of non-glass tubes and small sample volume requirements.
Considering product diversification vital for future growth, DIESSE decided to further expand and strengthen its position in other market segments, such as enzyme immunoassay, serology and microbiology. As a result of this strategy, DIESSE introduced SERAMAT, a fully automated system for serological testing which is able to use different analytical methods. SERAMAT was the first automatic instrument to perform complement fixation testing.
In addition, DIESSE developed ROBOBACT, a unique system that allows for the automatic isolation of enteric and urinary pathogens, without opening sample containers.
Furthermore, in 2005 DIESSE introduced two highly innovative systems: CHORUS and VES-CUBE. CHORUS is a multi-parametric processor for infectious diseases and autoimmunity using an innovative method of single- test and ready-to-use devices. VES-CUBE is a fully automated system for ESR testing in standard EDTA tubes; which are normally found with the most common cell counters, already loaded in racks.
All these developments have been the result of steady and solid investment in R & D which allowed DIESSE to develop very efficient production procedures. The innovative technologies associated to this goal, allowed Diesse to be one of the few diagnostic companies involved in the EUREKA Project of the European Community.
DIESSE’s products are sold in more than 60 countries all over the world through mutually beneficial distribution agreements. In addition DIESSE also has OEM supply agreements with some of the largest organizations in the global clinical diagnostics market. Total annual revenue exceeds $20 million USD.

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