DINA-HITEX spol. s r.o.

Zdánská 987
685 01 Bucovice
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 517 380215
Fax: +420 517 380831


Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content max. 50%
Year of foundation 1992
Area of business Facility Management

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Few words about DINA – HITEX spol. s r.o. company
Company HITEX with residence at Bučovice was established in 1992. The production plant was built on a “green field”, in picturesque valley of Ždanice Forest. The plant was equipped with technology for production of medical and hygienic products from non-woven textile.
In 1995 multinational medical company DINA INTERNATIONAL with 29 branch offices in 11 countries took over Hitex spol. s r.o. and formed a new called company DINA-HITEX spol. s r.o. In 1998 new production facility was commissioned resulting in a major increase of production capacity.

In 2000 new classified clean room production facility (class D, area dimension 500 sqm) was commissioned to manufacture sterile medical products, especially surgical gowns and drapes. Certification under ISO 9002, ISO 46002 and CE certification entitling to use CE mark for all the products were successfully completed. The certified body was a reputable company DET NORSKE VERITAS. In 2004: established quality management system and environmental management, EN ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 14001:1996.

New modern offices were built up and a new warehouse with area dimension 1500 sqm was constructed next to the office building. 2005: new clean rooms class D (area dimension 300 sqm) and clean rooms C (area dimension 20 sqm) were built, together wit a new sterilizing chamber (fulfils requirements of EN 550 Standard) that will shorten delivery time of orders.

The product range was enlarged of plastic products, gauze products, kits and its single components, procedural sets and central venous catheters. At present company DINA-HITEX spol. s r.o. employs more than 200 people and has become one of the important producers of medical disposable products in Europe, with established integrated quality management system and environmental management according to norms ISO 13485:2003 / ISO 14001:2004.

DINA-HITEX products are supplied all over the Czech Republic, further exported to Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Croatia, Israel and others.

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