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President: Dr. Vladimir Kazinov Stchelkovskoe Schosse, 77, 107497, Moscow, Russia, Tel./fax: (+7495) 460-0212, 460-4723, 468-8111
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The DiViSy Group of companies develops and manufactures professional video conference systems, as well as computing equipment and software under the DiViSy trade mark. DiViSy professional video conference equipment and technologies are used for holding video and audio conferences, audio + video conference calls, telemedicine consultations, remote learning, video monitoring and in-process inspection, etc.
The DiViSy Group of Сompanies started operating in 1991 as an official partner of Hewlett Packard, SPEA Software AG, miro Computer Products AG.
In the fall of 1995 the DiViSy digital video systems were adapted for use in medicine, namely, for holding telemedicine consultations and remote trainings in histology and cytology using microscopes made by the German company Karl Zeiss, as requested by this company. These systems were shown in action at the Karl Zeiss 150th anniversary ceremony in 1996.
Telemedicine systems of the third generation are currently in production. Key customers include: medical institutions of Moscow (P.A.Gertsen Moscow Oncological Scientific Research Institute (MNIOI), A.V.Vishnevsky Institute of Surgery of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMN), the Institute of Neurology of the RAMN, the State Training Center of the Medical Center for the President of Russia’s Administration, City Hospital no.33, etc.) medical institutions of the Ministry of Transport Routes, the Ministry of Defense and Russia’s Federal Border Guard Service, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Republic of North Osetia Alania, the Belgorod, Leningrad and Penza regions, Vologda city, Kiev (Ukraine) and many others.
In 2001, in the Ukraine, it was decided, on the basis of tender results, to deploy a telemedicine network of the Kiev City Hospital No. 1 using the DiViSy TM1 technology and equipment. In December 2001, the first stage of the network was commissioned into trial operation. That year DiViSy TM21 telemedicine systems were awarded a gold medal at the VII Moscow Industrial Fair.
In 2004, the DiViSy technology and equipment were used in a telemedicine project that provided for the creation of a system to render medical aid to Beslan residents by Moscow’s leading medical institutions.
2002 saw the development of a hardware and software system for the electroencephalographic analyzer. This system recorded synchronously both video information and electroencephalogram.
In 2004, the Leningrad Region Government decided, on the basis of tender results, to deploy in the region a telemedicine network using the DiViSy technology and equipment.
In 2005, the Kazakh Ministry of Healthcare also decided, on the basis of tender results, to create a telemedicine network using the DiViSy technology and equipment. 39 medical institutions have been equipped and the network keeps expanding in 2007.
Since 2005, the DiViSy Group of Companies is a corporate member of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth (IsfTeH).
Since the beginning of 2006 the DiViSy Group of Companies started producing and supplying software and hardware systems for DiViSy DOR operating, diagnosis and treatment rooms. The main difference between digital rooms and conventional ones is that all types of information: video, audio, telemetry, etc. are digitized so as to enjoy all the benefits that digital information provides in terms of processing, storage, registration, and transmission.
Digital operating rooms are a real tool for enhancing the quality and financial efficiency of medical care being provided.
2007 saw the implementation of several projects, which included the installation of six digital operating rooms using the DiViSy DOR systems in the newly built surgery building of P.A.Gertsen Moscow Oncological Scientific Research Institute (MNIOI), and the creation of virtual operating room in the I.M. Sechenov Medicine Academy.
In 2007, the DiViSy Group of Companies obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification.
DiViSy DOR systems served as a basis for the development and production of digital rooms for endoscopic, ultrasound, and other examinations, digital ophthalmologic, dental, etc. rooms, and rooms for the treatment of various diseases.
DiViSy telemedicine systems and DiViSy DOR software and hardware systems have been successfully tested in hospitals Charite, St. Elisabeth, Caritas-Krankenhaus St. Josef, Germany.
The following photograph shows new products of the DiViSy Group of Companies, i.e. a digital operating room using the DiViSy DOR systems.

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