Asan Med.Center, 6th Floor, Research Institute,388-1 Pungnapdong Song-pa gu, Seoul, KOREA
138-736 Seoul
Korea (Rep.)

Phone: 0082 2-3010-8565
Mobile: 0082 10-7119-2279
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Choong-Hwa Lee Asan Med.Center, 6th Floor, Research Institute,388-1 Pungnap Song-pa gu, 138-736 Seoul KOREA(Rep.)
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DRGEM is the leading manufacturer of X-ray generators and X-ray imaging systems in Korea. We are focusing on producing a high frequency generator, micro CT Scanner and special x-ray imaging system required by customers for the purpose of industrial as well as medical application.
DRGEM`s mission is to learn its customers applications, and to provide the latest advances in X- ray imaging technology to support or enhance those applications. To achieve this goal,
DRGEM`s strategy emphasizes providing a great satisfaction to our customers based on engineering excellence, a strong project management ethic, manufacturing resource development and continuous improvement in product quality.

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