EcoHydra Technologies Limited

College House, 17 King Edward’s Lane
HA4 7AE Ruislip, Middlesex
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 5601 866 836
Fax: +44 1895 676 438


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Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

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EcoHydra Technologies Limited
EcoHydra Technologies Ltd (EcoHydra) is a company with new ideas; backed up by decades of senior management experience. We are passionate about delivering better solutions in hand hygiene to our customers.

Our company has been developed to focus on three key industry sectors facing significant issues in the hand hygiene arena;

In the healthcare arena there is a significant opportunity to help rid the world’s health systems of health care associated infections (HCAI).
In the food preparation and hygiene areas the requirements for hand cleanliness are well known and our products will encourage compliance with established protocols to ensure prepared foods are fit for consumption
The consumer market is concerned with the influx of new diseases such as SARS and Bird Flu and our products are focused on the prevention of disease through hand contact.
We look for ways to help our customers reduce risk, manage costs and improve outcomes; the EcoHydra Hand Hygiene programme delivers a complete range of products designed to promote hand hygiene and improve utilization.

Designed by a professional team with technical support and ongoing research and development our range has removed the need for alcohol in hand cleaning products and achieved incredible test results.

Our team includes a microbiologist, healthcare specialists and technical directors with years of experience in developing innovative products in the healthcare arena.

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