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Emfit Ltd was founded in 1990 in Kuopio, Finland. The starting point of our business was the Emfit film invented by the well-known Finnish innovator, Kari Kirjavainen. Through extensive product development, Emfit film has become the technological foundation of Emfit. In 1993 cooperation began with the Finnish State Technical Research Centre (VTT). This mutually benefical partnership has generated extensive resources to enhance Emfit’s technological product development and research.

Our first decade was a very busy one. As Emfit grew our sensor design and manufacturing unit was moved to Vaajakoski in Central Finland, near the town of Jyväskylä in 1998, while both hardware and software development remained in Espoo next to the capital of Helsinki. Our current CEO, Heikki Räisänen, an entrepreneuer and experienced expert in Emfit sensors, has led the company since 1998.

The technical cornerstone for Emfit was the development of our gas diffusion expansion (GDE) technology together with VTT in the late 1990’s. Our most recent developments include reel-to-reel manufacturing technology of large area L-series and ribbon type R-series OEM-sensors.

In the area of electronics products we have transferred to digital signal processing in 2000. Several new digital electronics provide Emfit with a cost effective platform for a wide variety of applications, such as elderly people care, keypads, visitor counting, and force measurements.

Most recently, our patents purchase and transfer agreement with VTT in 2002 concerning the world-wide IPR of high pressure gas expansion technology endows Emfit with a competitive and sustainable advantage for the long term.

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