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Marcin Sliwa Tel: +48 32 271 90 13
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EMTEL is a private company established in 1992. Over 30 years experience of all employed and co-operating engineers, specialists in medical and IT technology assures a constant development of products and creating new ideas according to the current trends on the market. EMTEL is focused on designing and producing patient monitoring systems and defibrillators. Thanks to a proper management of price policy and fulfilling the technical expectations of our customers, EMTEL has got good position on local market of medical equipment during first years and spread the interest into international markets during next years. To make our position steady on the market it started cooperation with well-known companies producing specialized modules. EMTEL completed own technical solutions and widened functional parameters of the FX 2000 patient monitors family according to world tendencies. Each kind of patient monitor has been designed to work in various medical conditions like Intensive Care Unit, cardiological and anesthesiology words, pediatric and neonatal words, operating rooms, emergence words.

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