eVent Medical, Inc.

971 Calle Amanecer Suite 101
92673 San Clemente, CA

Phone: +1 949 492 8368
Fax: +1 949 492 8382

Company Profile

eVent Medical, Inc.

eVent creates and offers the most reliable, innovative, high technology products and services in the industry enabling clinicians to provide world-class respiratory care and treatment.

Our Seven Pledges

To deliver innovative products supporting the most versatile and efficient clinical modes available to provide the best possible clinical outcome.

To deliver advanced, intuitive, fail-safe, clinician-focused, zero-defect software.

To deliver a reliable, durable, high quality and cost effective hardware platform that supports flexible and upgradeable software.

To deliver effective and complete clinician user training through the best-trained sales representatives, experienced clinical advisors, and intuitive user manuals.

To continuously learn from the dynamic clinical development and global medical device market, and incorporate that learning into our products and services to create leading edge solutions.

To consistently demonstrate that our overall cost of ownership and operations are among the lowest in the industry.

To provide clinicians with the courteous and timely support in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

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