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Prof. Dr. Heinrich Martin Overhoff Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen, Neidenburger Straße 43, 45877 Gelsenkirchen, Tel.: 0209 95 96 582, Fax: 0209 95 96 514

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Number of employees 500-999
Year of foundation 1992
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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About us
The team of the Medical Engineering Laboratory implements new numeric methods for ultrasound imaging, software-based automatic object recognition in medical images (e.g. CT, MRI, ultrasound) and RIS solutions in co-operation with clinical and SME partners. Examples are a fully automatic 3-D sonographic measurement and diagnostics of the newborn’s hip joint as well as “VisualMediJa“, a Java-implemented graphical user interface for interactive image-based finding and therapy planning.

Area of work

At the Medical Engineering Laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, we are working on

the technique of ultrasound imaging and simulation of ultrasound wave propagation,

infrared-optical and magnetic field-based localization,

automatic software-based object recognition in medical images, e.g. X-ray, X-ray CT, MRI- or ultrasound images,

two- und three-dimensional visualization of image data.


Applications, typically developed together with small and medium capitalized companies (SMCs) and tested in cooperation with university clinics, are

control of ultrasound transmitters for high resolution imaging,

ultrasound-guided navigated implantation of shoulder endoprostheses,

navigation of instruments for dental implantation,

a Graphical User Interface „VisualMediJa“ for interactive image finding and therapy planning.

We are looking for …

industrial and clinical partners for the joint development and marketing/sales of applications of technical and medical 3‑D and 4-D ultrasound as well as in the area of software-assisted integrated inpatient/outpatient treatment.

We offer …

application-oriented Research&Development of procedures, processes and product prototypes as well as active collaboration for the acquisition of governmental co-financing.

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