Fidia Advanced Biopolymers Srl

Via P. della Fabbrica, 3/B
35031 Abano Terme

Phone: +39 049 8232-190
Fax: +39 049 8232-580
Company Profile

Company Profile

Fidia Advanced Biopolymers s.r.l. (FAB), Fidia’s subsidiary, was formed in 1992. It is an independent company operating in the advanced biomedical field.

The company utilizes its integrated R&D capabilities to develop devices of novel conception, which are designed to offer advanced solutions to specific clinical needs.

FAB research has produced HYAFF, hyaluronic acid in solid form, a totally biocompatible and biodegradable biomaterial, forerunner of a vast series of biopolymers used in diverse applications, the most sophisticated of which is Tissue Engineering.

FAB research has produced innovative technologies that enable human tissues such as cartilage and skin to be regenerated in a laboratory. The process originated from the idea of using hyaluronic acid to create a scaffold which would provide the ideal conditions for body cells, such as keratinocytes, fibroblasts and chondrocytes, to proliferate and form healthy tissue.

The result is advanced technology by which highly functional, autologous tissues can be recreated and grafted onto cartilage lesions or diabetic ulcers.

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