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1030 Brussels

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Company Profile

About us
Flanders Investment & Trade was created in July 2005 by the merger of the former Flanders Foreign Investment Office (FFIO) and Export Vlaanderen. Its aim is to promote sustainable international business in the interests of both Flanders-based companies and foreign enterprises through the synergies and widened networks and expertise achieved by the merger.

International Trade
Whatever the sector, we can help your company connect with the Flemish companies you’re looking for. Whether you’re interested in sourcing products or services, or seeking new business partnerships ranging from joint ventures to technology transfers, our expert advisers will provide the answers you need.

Inward Investment
Flanders Investment & Trade also assists foreign businesses seeking to set up or expand in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium and one of Europe’s most favorable business locations. Whether your company is considering production or R&D facilities, contact centers, headquarters or logistics operations – or a combination of any of these – Flanders Investment & Trade will provide the right kind of advice and guidance free of charge.

Our focus on international business is supported by extensive and responsive networks at home and abroad. With more than 75 offices around the globe, Flanders Investment & Trade is positioned to provide the service you need, wherever you are.

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