Ganshorn Medizin Electronic GmbH

Industriestr. 6-8
97618 Niederlauer

Phone: +49 9771 6222-0
Fax: +49 9771 6222-55


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Direktvertrieb Inland GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH, Industriestraße 6-8, 97618 Niederlauer, Frau Ulrike Ossig, Tel: 09771/6222-0, Fax: 09771/6222-55

GANSHORN-Deutschland-MITTE Ganshorn medical, Frau Katharina Ganshorn, Frau Annett Achard, Industriestraße 6/I, 97618 Niederlauer, Tel.: 09771/630 8758

GANSHORN-Deutschland-NORD diagnostiks, Leinich & Beuter GbR, Hovesaatstrasse 6, 48432 Rheine, Tel.: 05971/948408-0, Fax: 05971/948408-2

GANSHORN-Deutschland-SÜD Martin Gruber Medizintechnik GmbH, Herr Norbert Schmidt, Trimburgstraße 2, 81249 München, Tel.: 089/5468300

international sales GANSHORN MEDIZIN ELECTRONIC, Ms. Karoline Knoth, Industriestraße 6-8, D-97618 Niederlauer, phone: +49-9771-6222-30, fax: +49-9771-6222-55
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Year of foundation 1982
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Because good decisions require precise information
Since over 25 years GANSHORN develops and produces high-quality lung function equipments.

Our product range includes stress testing systems, bodyplethysmographie, CO-diffusion systems, aerosol dosimeters, spirometrie and resistance measurements systems.

With the new development of the SPIROSCOUT system, GANSHORN gives a new new hardware base to its complete lung function systems.
Flow and gas concentrations (e.g. CO2) can be measured simulaneously within one single measurement!

Our long-time experience enables us a versatile and qualified advice, the delivery of most modern systems for hospital and practice, just as an outstanding service through competent co-workers.

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