Genadyne Biotechnologies, Inc.

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11021 Greatneck, NY

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About us
Genadyne Biotechnologies Inc. is a US based manufacturer of non-powered and powered pressure relieving therapeutic surfaces including mattresses, overlays, and seat cushions made from air, foam, water or gel as well as complete bed systems. For the past five years Genadyne has serviced parts of Europe and the USA. Our corporate offices are located in NY and and in MA with several smaller offices located throughout other areas of the US.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to offer personalized services not seen with other wound care product manufacturers. Genadyne’s products can be custom fit to any sized bed frame including cribs, stretchers and bariatric chambers for individual patients from neonatal, pediatric through adult, including fitting our products to a queen or king sized bed frame for the couple who wish to continue to maintain their current sleeping habits.

At Genadyne, we pride ourselves on our adaptive capabilities – we work closely with our clients to create an individualized therapeutic area to assist the patient in completing ADL’s without contributing to further skin breakdown. An example of such was the creation of a therapeutic, pressure relieving commode seat for a patient with a compromised buttock area who uses the commode on a daily basis.

Genadyne Biotechnologies – is the manufacturer and designer of support surfaces and seating systems.

The mission of Genadyne is to promote wound healing, decrease wound recurrence and maintain the dignity, independence, comfort and pain control of the wound care patient through our products and through education.

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