Genekam Biotechnology AG

Dammstr. 31-33
47119 Duisburg

Phone: +49 203 55585831
Fax: +49 203 358299


Company Figures
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 2000
Area of business Diagnostics

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PCR Product
Genekam Biotechnology AG is a manufacturer of 350 ready to use PCR kits as well as diagnostic service for different micro organisms as well as genetic defects. Genekam has exported its products and services to 55 countries in year 2007. The PCR kits are for HPV, genotyping of HPV, H5N1, H9N2, HCV, HCV genotyping, HBV, Chlamydia, Leptospira, BVDV, FMD, Flaviviruses etc. Genekam manufactures real time as well as conventional PCR kits.

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