General Medical Italia S.r.l. (GMI)

Via Pontesabato Zona Ind. ASI
83020 PRATA P.U. – Avellino (Av)

Phone: +39 0825 607224
Fax: +39 0825 607316
Company Profile

General Medical Italia S.r.l. (GMI)

GMI GENERAL MEDICAL ITALIA’ s choice of strategy: to consider and manage that which for other companies is still a market niche, and turn it into a true company mission by giving it global and complete attention.

The high-tech X -Ray market is usually presided over by large groups and important multinationals, their strength being in the brand; on the other hand, a company like GMI , which uses very high level technology, must constantly prove the quality and reliability of the products, solutions and systems that it designs and proposes.

GMI’s winning formula has always been constant technological innovation, together with great attention and respect for tradition: placing the most advanced technology at the service of its customers, and not only guaranteeing the continuity of its products, but their constant update as well.

Regular investment in an internal R&D laboratory, the combination of undisputed skills acquired in the field and cooperation with the most prestigious Italian universities, is even clearer evidence of GMI s innovative and sophisticated technological tradition, an excellent example of “Italian Research and Industry” and the “made in Italy” slogan in the world.

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