Novico S.p.A.

Zona Industriale Marino del Tronto
63046 Ascoli Piceno

Phone: +39 0736 3069.1
Fax: +39 0736 402192


Company Profile

Novico S.p.A. since 1921 in the service of health workers
The NOVICO S.p.A. company produces and markets medical supplies: sterile disposable syringes and hypodermic needles. A consolidated tradition of quality developed over eighty years of work in hospitals and pharmacies has conferred great prestige on the ICO trademark among professionals in the sector. Founded in 1921, the company began the production of glass syringes in the same year in a small factory in Bologna.

In time this product was supplemented by needles, thermometers, syringes in plastic, requiring the constant adoption of avant-garde technological structures: a typical example is the factory in Ascoli Piceno, which was planned in 1974 for gamma ray sterilisation. The continual evolution required to maintain high quality standards, keeping abreast of changing legislation and the ongoing modernisation of the technological systems, of the manufacturing machinery and of the process control electronics, together with the KNOW-HOW acquired, make the production in Ascoli Piceno a clear landmark for the medical industry in Europe. Since 1st April 1995, the facility in Ascoli Piceno, with its whole technical and organisational structure, has been part of the company NOVICO S.p.A., which has inherited and continued the tradition of ICO and thus of HATU’-ICO.

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