OncoTherm Kft.

Ibolya u. 2.
2071 Páty

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Geschäftsführung: Dr. med. Albrecht Reinicke Bonner Straße 40, D-53842 Troisdorf, Telefon: (+49) 2241.3199-20, Fax: (+49) 2241.3199-211
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Year of foundation 1988
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Onco Therm Kft.

The OncoTherm Group is the developing, manufacturing and marketing company of the oncological therapeutic systems, based on selective electro-thermal effects.

The mission of the company was determined at its foundation in 1988 by the founder-inventor, Prof. Dr. András Szász. Our definitive aim is to help the suffering patients with an effective therapy and to avoid any side effects.
Ongoing research and development under the leadership of Professor Szász guarantees that our medical equipments are constructed and manufactured according to the latest medical and technical standards.

The company was re-organised in 2002 with the contribution of a financial investor, the German HighTech PE GmbH (Düsseldorf). This made the continuous implementation of the research and development possible that arises from the results and requirements of the applied treatments. The financial investment made the foundation of a German commercial company also possible.

EHY-2000, the product of OncoTherm Kft., is a medical device, which offers the most appropriate and versatile practical application of oncothermia. Actually, more than 160 devices are in intensive medical use, most of all in Germany and in Hungary, while our devices are in operation in several different parts of the world as well.

100 Tiny Tigers Oncotherm Kft. is the 26th of the 100 best progressive small enterprises in Hungary in the market-survey of Coface Hungary Credit Management Services Kft. The measurement has been published by “Az Üzlettárs” magazine.

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