Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH

Schalckstr. 1
80539 München

Phone: +43 4242 3116600
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Geschäftsführer: Heinz- Martin Esser Manfred-von-Ardenne-Ring 7, 01099 Dresden, Tel.: +49 351 88861 0, Fax:, +49 351 88861 20
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Year of foundation 1998
Area of business Premises and Building Technology

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Ortner cleanroom logistic systems GmbH
“Cleanroom logistics is our business”
This statement summarizes the Ortner c.l.s. core activity. Ortner c.l.s. automation services and products are designed to meet the full requirements of our customer’s production flow in the clean room environment. Our objective is to deliver innovative solutions that enhance our customer’s competitive advantages.

Ortner c.l.s. defines itself as a dynamic and ambitious company. Strong semiconductor and pharmaceutical expertise has been gained over the last 10 years.Throughout these years, Ortner c.l.s. has implemented effective project managementprograms to guarantee completion of work within targeted schedule – budget and customer agreed objectives.From design to manufacturing, installation, integration or maintenance services – Ortner c.l.s. is committed to deliver total satisfaction. Continuous quality improvement practices and personnel development plans have been established to achieve higher performance standards.
Well designed products such as AWIC®, IntelliTrack®, Smart LoadportTM, RFID products etc. illustrate some of Ortner’s highly valuable logistic solutions.

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