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New Zealand

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Pulsecor develops products that enable non-invasive measurement of arterial health and heart function. Pulsecor’s R6.5 cardiovascular monitor is as portable, quick and easy-to-use as the familiar, trusted, non-invasive blood pressure cuff.

Pulsecor’s technology has been clinically evaluated over seven years and its measures of augmentation index and cardiac performance have been shown to be repeatable, reproducible and sensitive to physiological changes in the doctor’s office and the operating theatre. Pulsecor’s non-invasive central blood pressure measurement (currently under development) is showing accuracy that exceeds the accepted standards for peripheral blood pressure.

Pulsecor’s R6.5 monitor is suitable for research use wherever non-invasive blood pressure cuffs are used. Its speed, accuracy and familiarity make it an excellent choice for clinical studies related to screening, risk profiling, pharmaceutical trials or monitoring physiology.

Pulsecor’s VasomonR software for the PC allows remote-control of the R6.5 monitor and has been designed for complete, easy data management.

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